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Registration Procedures


Graduates who have completed all academic requirements of any of the following programs at any STI school:

• Certificate Programs (at least one year)
• TESDA Programs

° 3 - Year Tourism and Hospitality Management Programs
° 2 - Year Tourism and Hospitality Management Programs
° 2 - Year Engineering Program
° 2 - Year Information and Communication Technologies Programs
° 2 - Year Arts and Sciences Programs

• CHED Programs

° 5 - Year Engineering Program
° 4 - Year Information and Communication Technologies Programs
° 4 - Year Business and Management Programs
° 4 - Year Tourism and Hospitality Management Programs
° 4 - Year Arts and Sciences Programs
° 4 - Year Health Care Services Programs

Alumni Membership

1. Graduating Students (Lifetime Membership)


• School's List of Graduates (LOG)
• Alumni fee payment / remittance of PhP250.00 per graduate
• Latest professional / graduation photos


a.   If the alumni fee is integrated in the graduation fee, it shall be the school's responsibility to remit the alumni fee payment at STIAA Head Office. Schools may pay at any Metrobank branch using the Bills Payment Slip (green). For details, kindly refer to the Alumni Fee Remittance and Payment Procedure (PR-APL-003-00) posted on the School Connect / Portal Portal or payment procedure as shown below:

1.   Go to the nearest Metrobank branch and ask for a Bills Payment Slip. Refer to the Sample Payment Slip.

2.   Accomplish the Bills Payment Slip completely and legibly with the following information:

• Subscriber Name: GRADUATE NAME / SCHOOL (e.g. Juan Dela Cruz/Cubao)
• Subscriber No: YEAR GRADUATED (e.g. 2015)
• Telephone No/ Other details: MOBILE NUMBER (e.g. 09181234567)
• Mode of Payment: Cash/Check
• Amount of Payment:
      (In Figures) - Php250.00
      (In Words) - Two Hundred Fifty Pesos
• Payment details: Cash or Check Payment

3.   Present the payment slip to the teller together with the cash/check.

4.   Once validated, the teller will give the alumnus/alumna a validated copy.

5.   Before leaving, check and verify if the copy received is validated.

6.  Send payment advice via email: together with the graduation or latest professional photos (2"x2"). Please observe the photo specification below:

•Size: 2”x2”
with colored background
JPEG format
•File naming convention: studentnumber_LastNameFIrstNameMI

b.   STIAA Head Office will process the alumni benefit packages upon receipt of the proof of payment from school and send the packages to them for proper distribution.


• Lifetime membership does not apply to STI Alumni Accident Insurance. Nonetheless, such insurance benefit will still be given to the new STIAA members for the period of one (1) year from the date of alumni fee remittance.

• Your Alumni Benefit Package will be sent directly to your school for proper distribution. Please coordinate with your school's Alumni Placement Officer or Officer-in-Charge regarding your Alumni Benefit Package concern.

•  If you have yet to receive your Alumni Benefit Package within 3-4 months after graduation, you may verify with your school or with STIAA Head Office.

•  Alumni ID valid prior November 29, 2017 and/or SY 2017-18 1st term may file for ID replacement to avail ID with lifetime membership.